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5 Things Couples Should Discuss about Money

Do you ever find it difficult to talk with your spouse or partner about money? When meeting with clients, we regularly find that couples have very different perspectives on money. This is often due to the variegated ways in which each partner's parents handled money; other times it's a result of personality, and sometimes it's due to partners having very different careers and personal interests.

In any event, talking about money in a relationship is important, and Ashley Marcin over at offers up five important questions every couple should be asking:

1. Where Is Our Money Going?
2. How Do We Each Deal With Money?
3. Should We Bank Together — Or Not?
4. How Can We Save for Something Big?
5. What Do We Want Our Future to Look Like?

Point number one is important. Financial success begins with an understanding of what's going on in one's finances. If one spouse or partner has no idea where funds are or where they're going, this can lead to relational frustration. To help with this, Marcin suggests that couples find some time to simply talk about their spending patters:

Take some time — over candlelight and wine, perhaps — to delve into your check registers and online accounts. Do you see any patterns? Were you both aware that all that money was going toward the groceries each week? Or what about those online magazine subscriptions? Unused gym memberships? You may be able to quickly spot some areas that need work before they turn into shouting matches.

Communication is key. Many couples come from families where parents never talked about money or where there was a lot of anxiety around money matters. Finding time and being intentional about communication, however, will lay a healthy foundation for financial success in any relationship. To learn more about how to do this and to pick up some additional tips for financial success in relationships, you can read more at

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